About Me

Personal Bio

I live in Centennial, Colorado with my wife Sarah, and my four children: Ethan (10), Isaac (8), Elizabeth (6), and David (3).

I have been in and out of technology my entire life. I took to programming early - my father taught me BASIC when I was around 6 years old. I began to learn C when I got the source code to Wayne Bell's WWIV bulletin board system for DOS. My first paid programming work was for Gamma Scientific in San Diego, CA writing a computer-based user interface to control a piece of light measurement hardware. I held a couple of full-time programming jobs before joining the US Army, where I served for seven years, including a tour in Iraq in 2003.

Professional Bio

Since leaving the Army, I have worked a number of technology jobs. I worked as an Oracle DBA and Java developer at Qwest Communications (now CenturyLink). At Beatport I served as a database developer, working with a number of technologies to include: CouchDBHadoopMySQL, Pentaho, and PHP. At GoDaddy I served as a Senior MySQL DBA and Engineer. I served as the Architect of Infrastructure and Data Services at TrackVia, Inc working with Galera Cluster for MySQL, AWS, and Java to name a few. As the owner of OttoOps, LLC, I now provide expert consulting services to companies in the Greater Denver Area. 

My current areas of focus include:
  • Automated scalability of infrastructure
  • Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) for virtualization
  • Multi-datacenter database architecture
  • Big Data
  • Mesos

Online Presence

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